Three boys in a tent indoors

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Our vision

We are a small, friendly pre-school located within the church hall of Holy Trinity Church in Claygate. Ww have access to an all-weather outdoor space and large garden.

Our children leave Jigsaw with a love of learning and prepared for the transition to school life.

Our aim

Our aim is to provide a high quality pre-school experience for all children, by:

  • Inspiring, motivating and challenging all children to reach their full potential
  • Building confident, caring, independent children who have high self-esteem
  • Developing in children a strong sense of right and wrong.

Our environment

We have created a safe, secure, caring, stimulating and fun environment which is:

  • Safe and stimulating
  • Fun, exciting and innovative
  • Well resourced and well planned
  • Inclusive for all

Our team

Our team develop the children’s learning through play and provide a high quality pre-school experience for all children, by:

  • Having a holistic and interactive approach
  • Using a variety of learning strategies to ensure that each child is encouraged and motivated
  • Working in close partnership with parents and carers

“We feel very lucky to have such an excellent pre-school on our doorstep.”
Catherine, parent


Welcoming all

Jigsaw Pre-School is part of the loving and friendly community in the village of Claygate. Jigsaw is run by Holy Trinity Church and meets in their church hall which has excellent indoor and outside spaces. We warmly welcome and accept all children from any background, regardless of race, religion or additional needs, and will care for each child based on a Christian foundation of love and acceptance of all. 

Making Friends

The ability to make friends and relate well to others is an important life skill.  At Jigsaw each child is valued and encouraged to develop their relational skills: through activities, play, learning, listening and having fun together.

Confidently Growing

Every child has a unique set of gifts and skills that they have and use. At Jigsaw we encourage each child to have confidence in themselves, and who they are, to grow in their skills and gifts, and to use them well. We will work hard to help each child start well on their journey and to achieve their full potential and become school ready.

Kind & Caring

Jigsaw encourages children to learn what it means to help others and be kind in their behaviour.  We encourage the children as they grow in their gifts and skills, and learn about life, to think of how they can help and bless others too. Jigsaw is a place where children can safely encourage, support and help one another.

Actively Learning

Learning and growing can take place in a variety of ways. At Jigsaw we make use of all the space – indoor and outdoor, to provide variable and interactive activities to learn, grow and have fun. We deliver the curriculum through Woodland Explorers, reflective play, celebrating festivals and other activities both outside and in the church hall and ensuring that Jigsaw is a fun place to be.